Commercial Van Wrapping

Take your business advertising to the next level with an evowrap van wrap

Full & part van wraps are a cost effective way to advertising your business.  Get noticed by potential customer every day.  Look more professional in front of existing clients.  Unique advertising to suit any budget.   Professional installation or buy DIY wrap and get free delivery.

Van Wrap Installation From Birmingham To Worcester

Laundrapp fleet of wrapped vans

Van wraps are like moving billboards! It’s like getting 2,000 shares on Facebook every day!

It’s not that traditional signwriting is no longer worthwhile, but think how many vans you see on the road with traditional cut vinyl, I bet you don’t notice most of them. The ones you do notice will probably be the wrapped ones. Wrapping your van is one of the most cost-effective advertisements you’ll ever do. We have ways of creating unique, vibrant wrap designs for most budgets.

Benefits of van wraps

There’s a whole host of reasons why you should get a vinyl van wrap.  Here are just a few of them:

  • One of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business.
  • First impressions count! Makes a professional impression to your customers.
  • Protects your vans paintwork.
  • Can help you to get your deposit back when the lease ends.
  • If you sell the van you could get more money  for it.
  • You may be able to set it off against your tax.
  • Completely removable.

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?

Our services

We specialise in van wrapping, and we can install a full-colour digital print to advertise your business. If you want to change the colour of your van, we have lots of colours and styles. We’re happy to work on single vehicles, multiple vehicles or even large fleets.

Van Wraps Evowrap

Printed van wraps

Printed van vinyl wraps can come in the form of a full or part wrap.  These can be made to suit most budgets and style ideas. Full colour van wraps offer the best bang for your buck. Create an eye catching moving advert for your business. It can be seen by thousands of people in just one day.

Grey van vinyl wrap on a VW Caddy

Colour change van wraps

Just wanna change? We can wrap your van in any colour or style.  These include matte, satin, gloss, metallic and even chrome. There’s thousands of different colours available from 3M, Avery, Oracol and Hexis.

Forest carpentry traditional sign written van

Traditional Signwriting

If you’re on a tight budget or looking for something a little more simple.  Look no further than our traditional van signwriting service.  Using cut vinyl this service is usually a lower cost option than and a quicker installation than a van wrap.  More info >>

Outline and design of van wrap design

Design service

A well-designed van wrap could be the best value for money advertising you’ll ever have.  We can use your own design.  If you’d prefer we can design your van wrap for you.  We can work a cost to match your budget.  More info >>

Clients we have worked with

Van wrapping near me

If you’ve been asking yourself if there’s any van wrapping near me? Look no further, Evowrap have over 17 years experience in the film and vinyl industry.  Bring your car to us or we can come to you in any of the following locations.

Van Wraps Evowrap

Common questions

In order to get a price we will need to know the make and model of your van and if it’s SWB/MWB/LWB/Hi Roof etc.  We also need an idea of what you are looking for such as a full or part wrap.  If you have a budget in mind it makes it a lot easier to recommend something for you.  The easiest way to get a quote is to fill out our request a quote form.

A lot depends on the design and how much coverage you require.  A full wrap will cost more than a part wrap.  Bigger vans will take longer to wrap and require more vinyl so the size of the van has a big say in the overall price too.  More creative designs cost more money unless you go for one of our stock designs which are free.  Check out our pricing page to get a better idea of how much the wrap will cost you.

Yes we do.  Get in touch today or give us a call on 0800 107 7965 and let us know the vehiclE details and how many you have.  We’ll be able to apply out multi vehicle discount.

You have 3 choices.  The first choice and probably the easiest for you is to let us do the design for you.  We’ll work to your budget and it makes a big difference if someone who knows the ins and outs of wrapping also do the design work.  The second option is to use a graphic designer, create it yourself or use your design team.  We can give you a brief of what you need to provide us with  Finally, you can choose one of our 1000’s of stock base designs and we can add your logos and text to it.

Absolutely.  We can create stunning wraps using a mixture of wrapping and incorporating graphics and using the and colour in the artwork.  This can give you nearly as good results as a full wrap with a lot lower costs.

Yes, we can come to you to install the wrap.  There are a few requirements though.  Most importantly it needs to be indoors and clean.  It needs to be a minimum of 18℃.  It also needs to be lit and at least 2 metres space around the van for the installer to work.

Yes, we prefer this.  Our premises are the correct conditions for wrapping.  We also have our printer in-house so if there is a mistake we can easily print another piece of vinyl

It normally takes a maximum of 2 working days for us to provide a price.  The when you decide to go ahead and pay your deposit it takes 5 working days to get the first design.  From first design to final design depends on how many changes you’d like and how quickly you come back to us.  Normally this takes a maximum of 5 working days.  Then we book an installation date.  Usually we have anything from 2-8 weeks lead time.  Installations normally average from 1-5 working days.

If it’s looked after then it should last the length of the longest lease.  We normally use Arlon, Avery or 3M  wraps which we expect at least an 8 year life span.  

Yes we can wrap any vehicle.  We do have some size restraints due to the width of our door and length of our wrapping bay.  For very large vehicles we can come to you.

For printed vinyls we normally use Arlon SLX or 3M RJ180 because they offer the best life spans, the highest quality and the best wrapping technology.  For colour change wraps we use 3M 2080 or 1080 and Avery Supreme for exactly the same reason.  We can also use Oracol and Hexis if there’s nothing in the other range that meet your requirements.

Yes it will.  It protects against the suns UV rays which can cause the paint to fade slightly over time.  It will also protect against staining and damage from insects and tree sap.  It will also take the brunt of any surface scratches and minor stone chips.  Anything too heavy though may still go through to the paintwork.

Interested in installation?

Interested in installation?