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Will Solar Window Tint Make My Home Colder in the Winter?

This is one of the most common concerns customers have in the winter months. Tinting your home windows carry lots of benefits for homeowners. One of the most common reasons to get your home or office tinted is to reduce heat. But in the winter you want to make it warmer, not colder. So if it keeps out the heat in the summer won’t the tint keep out what little heat there is in the winter. Luckily, the answer is no. The tint won’t make your home colder in the winter. Why? Let me explain…

Why Window Tinting Won't Make Your Home Colder in the Winter

Window films don’t technically make your home colder (bear with me, all will make sense). Instead, window films reflect heat away from the window. This also means reflecting the heat back into your home. Not to the same high performance as it reflects the suns heat, but it still does keep heat in – especially if you choose a film with a Low-E coating.

The Sun in the Winter Doesn’t Provide Much Heat Benefit

That’s right, even when you have a sunny day in winter. The sun might be bright and dazzle you but it doesn’t provide much if any, heat into your home. Solar window film reflects infra red rays. These rays carry the heat from the sun. In winter these have little effect. The insulation that you gain will more than compensate for the insignificant loss of heat coming in. With our silver reflective window film with a low-e coating you can reduce winter heat loss by up to 33%.

If you are interested in solar window film or heat retaining film installation then get in touch today. Why not request a no-obligation quote today. Don’t worry we won’t keep hassling you – we dislike pushy salespeople as much as you probably do.

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