Anti Glare Window Film

Reduce the suns glare by up to 88%

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Windows in need of anti glare widow film

What are the benefits of anti glare window film?

Woman holding tinted anti glare window film up against her window
Like putting sunglasses on your windows...say no to annoying glare

We all know that glare can be a real headache when tiring to be productive or attempting to wind down. Wouldn’t it be nice to put some sunglasses on your windows? Essentially that’s what covering your window in anti-glare window film is.

Reduce squinting to see your devices

Having to squint to see your screen everyday can be costly.  It can cause repetitive eye syndrome and at best headaches.  It could also reduce productivity across the board.

Office worker with computer screen by windows with glare
Glare reducing window film installed on large home windows with a view
Still allow natural light and your view out of your windows

Maximum comfort without spoiling the view. Yes, you could close the blinds or curtains and switch a light on. Wouldn’t it be better to have some natural light and still being able to see the comings and goings outside. A anti glare solar film provides just that.

Benefits of anti glare window film for residential clients

Increases comfort
Reduces glare when viewing devices
protects from sun without removing the view

Benefits of anti glare glass window film for commercial clients

Improves employee comfort and increases productivity
Reduces the need for sick days
Improves safety by eliminating dazzling blind spots

Our Products

Reflective Window Film

Reducing glare by up to 90% but still providing a clear view for those inside. Reflective window film provides daytime privacy with a mirrored appearance from the outside. Also acts as a privacy window film.

reflective window film on patio windows to reduce glare
Natural tinted window film installed on showroom windows to reduce solar glare
Natural Tinted Window Film

A non-reflective solar control window film with a natural finish. Reduces slightly less glare than a reflective film but still removes an impressive 52%.

Blackout Window Film

If total glare reduction is what you want. This is the solar film for you. Blocking 100% of glare, you couldn’t ask for much more. A total privacy window film – no vision in or out. For less light reduction a frosted window film can also be used but this stops less glare.

Blackout total glare blocking window film installed to commercial windows

Why choose Evowrap?


Protect yourself and others from dazzling film glare

Superior Products

Utilising the latest technology in superior window films, we offer a variety of anti-glare solar film solutions

Wide Range

Available in tinted, reflective and black-out – customise your space around your aesthetic


10-year warranty

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation service – we can advise on whether glare-reducing glass film is the right solution for you, as well as provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Ready to stop annoying glare?

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Rang them up, answered by Terri.She explained everything and gave me a quote.No pressure, rang back a couple of days later to clarify certain things.again no problems.happy with price.job done by very professional guys.happy with product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Glare is a visual sensation caused by excessive light. It causes discomfort and can be disabling. Sensitivity to glare can vary from person to person. Older people can often find glare more of a problem. As can people with sensitive eyes.

It’s not possible to reduce glare without stopping ANY light. However, you can reduce glare without causing the room to become too dark. The fact that glare is direct sunlight means that the only way to reduce glare is to also lower the amount of light coming into the room.

Glare can definitely cause eye strain. If you are looking at computer monitors all day but having to squint. This can cause eye strain. The same can be said if you are trying to read but the sun is dazzling you all day. By reducing glare into the room you can help to eliminate mistakes as well as keeping the workforce healthy and happy.

Our prices vary depending on the location, complexity of the job and how much window film we use.  Fill out your details and we will get a quote today

Yes, this is the problem that we can help with. bright sunlight shines through the window making it difficult to see TVs, monitors or to read. We tint the window which reduces the amount of glare shining through.

Unfortunately not.  The other type of problem with glare is caused by the sunlight bouncing back from the glass. This is particularly bad for businesses with window displays. The glare bounced back at customers trying to look through the window. The result is that they can’t see your window display. Unfortunately there isn’t anything that can fix this problem and still allow people to see through the glass.

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