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One Way Mirror Window Film Explained

Date: 29 November 2016

One way mirror window film can be installed to glazing to create a one way vision effect.  The film allows you to see out of the property whilst giving a mirrored effect when looking in.  The standard type of mirrored window film is silver which gives a silver mirrored appearance like that of a bathroom or wardrobe mirror in your home.  The one way vision films are also available in a variety of colours such as grey, bronze, gold, green, blue, pink and red.
The mirror window film works by reflecting on both sides.  When side A is at least 4:1 times brighter than side B it allows you to see the reflected image on side A from both sides.  This will mean on side A you will see a reflection of yourself but on side B you will also see the reflection of side B which makes you think that you are looking for the film.  It never looks as though you are viewing a reflection, the one way film always gives the impression that you are looking through the glass.  If the lighting conditions get less than 4:1 you will start to be able to see through both sides.  If the lighting conditions are equal on both sides you will be able to see the other room but also a reflection of the room you are in.  Because of the way one way mirror window film works it is best to fit the film to external facing glazing (it's fitted internally).  This is because sunlight is usually brighter than artificial light, allowing clear vision from the property but giving a mirrored view looking in.  The film doesn't always have the desired effect at night time or on internal partitioning.

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