Shatterproof Window Film

Anti shatter window films protect you from dangerous glass breakages

Nationwide window film installation for residential and commercial customers or buy online with free delivery available

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What are the benefits of shatterproof window film?

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Make glass safe

Safety window film reinforces your glass in order to prevent injury from flying shards of broken glass.  Brings glass in line with UK and European health and safety in the workplace standards.  Offers the same protection as safety glass.

Secure windows against burglars

All the benefits of safety film and some more! Security window film comes with the added benefit of being able to withstand multiple strikes against it.  By making the glass more shatterproof security film helps to prevent easy entry through your windows.  According to data gathered by A Secure Life  22% of break-ins occur through first floor windows.

hammer trying to break through security film
damaged windows after a bomb blast which should of had bomb blast protection film installed
Protect your glass against explosions

Bomb blast window film gives you the ultimate layer of defence. Offers anti shatter protection to your windows to protect occupants against explosions.

Benefits of shatterproof window film for residential clients

Protect your loved ones from shattering glass
Secure your home against potential break-ins

Benefits of anti shatter window film for commercial clients

Comply with health and safety regulations
Protect against smash and grab burglars
Protect against the threat of explosions

Why choose Evowrap?


Ensure your windows are safe and secure

Superior Products

Utilising the latest technology in superior window film, we offer the best shatterproof window film solutions

Wide Range

Available in a range of thicknesses, to protect against most situations


10-year warranty

UK Wide Installs

UK wide installation service – we can advise on which shatterproof window films are the right solution for you, as well as provide end-to-end installation service

Buy Online

Buy online for DIY installation – prefer to install it yourself? Buy online from our shop and benefit from free UK delivery

Ready for the best anti shatter protection for your windows?

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All levels of shatterproof glass film provide protection by holding together the shards of glass in the event of accidental or intentional damage. This means the glass will hold its overall shape and remain intact. It’s not completely impenetrable but provides that extra layer of protection.

Yes. mirrors are made from glass therefore you can apply a layer of anti-shatter film over the mirror to act the same as any other glass surface.

No. unfortunately due to the shape you cant add a shatterproof film to baubles

Multiple factors go into the longevity of any window film, such as window orientation, the type of glass it is applied to. Under the right conditions, shatterproof window film can last up to 20 years.

No, unless applied to ‘bulletproof’ windows, the shatterproof film does not provide added protection against bullets. Only laminate or glass containing polycarbonate can help protect against bullets.

Blast protection films will usually require anchoring to the frame. This can be a structural sealant or mechanical fixing. It’s really important to get a qualified surveyor to do a site survey prior to installation.

Yes, they do.

Safety film has been tested to BSEN12600 2b2 (formerly BS6206 class B). It will bring the glass to the same standard as safety glass. 

Security and blast protection film has passed BSEN12600 1B1 (formerly BS2606 class A).

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