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Solar window film will reduce solar heat, glare and UV rays by over 80%

Nationwide installation or delivered direct to your door

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Solar Window Film Services

Nationwide installation and minimal disruption to your day. Evowrap solar window film is the ideal choice if you suffer from too much heat, glare or UV rays through your windows. Available in a variety of shades for every situation. We install solar film to homes, offices and conservatories. Get a free no-obligation quote today. We’re a family run business so don’t worry there’s no hard sell.

Thermometer showing the heat caused by the sun when solar window film is not used

Heat Reducing

Heat Reducing Solar Window Film

Keep cool this summer with our heat reducing window film.  Available in a variety of shades from light to dark for every situation.  Stop up to 78% of solar heat today.

  • Keep your premises cool
  • Stops heat before it enters
  • Still allows clear vision
  • Great for conservatories


Window with bright sunlight glare shining through

Anti Glare

Anti Glare Solar Film

Tired of having to squint to watch TV or read the computer screen. No more…Evowraps anti glare window film stops over 80% of solar glare. It’s like putting sun glasses on your windows. Available in a variety of shades for every situation.

Stop the sun shining on screens
Stop dazzling glare in conservatories
Reduce eye strain
Great for call centres


rug moved showing fading from the sun due to no solar window film being installed

UV & Fade Protection

UV & Fade Protection Solar Film

Tired of the sun fading your stock in your window displays.  Or is it your home furnishings that’s seen better days.  Protect your possessions with Evowraps UV window film.

  • Stop up to 62% of fading with no tint
  • Stop up to 82% of fading with a tint
  • Perfect for shop displays
  • Great for UV sensitive skin


Heat retention soilar window film installed with a winters reflection

Heat Retention

Heat Retaining Solar Control Window Film

Keep the heat in in the winter and the heat out in the summer. with our heat retaining window film  A special low-e coating combined with a heat reflective exterior gives you the best of bother worlds.  Not only will your building’s temperature be more amiable.

  • Save money on your heating and air conditioning bills.
  • Reduce heat leaving through your glass
  • Reduce solar heat coming through your windows
  • Available with light or dark tints


Solar window film installed on a conservatory roof

Conservatory Solar Control

Conservatory Solar Control Window Film

Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap.  Add to that the glare that can sometimes make you need sunglasses just to sit in there.  Then there’s the fading, You move your furniture and you can see the fading on your carpets.  The same can be said for all the other furnishings in your conservatory.  Well, now there’s a solution.  Evowraps solar control conservatory window film instantly helps.  Much better than tinted glass.  These films actually work and stop over 80% of solar heat and glare.


Areas Covered

Nationwide Installation

We install solar window film across the whole of the UK. With over 17 years experience in the window film industry you can be sure of a perfect installation every time.

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Map of the UK showing areas we cover for window film installation

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Why Hire Evowrap?

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No need to remove your windows

Window film is installed with the glass in situ.

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Completely Maintenance Free

No need to clean the film and doesnt attract dust.

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Huge warranties for peace of mind

Most of our films carry ten years warranty.